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Ease of Use - Reliability - Style

        At Max Speed Designs our mission is to provide the best quality and finest looking hand stitched leather bicycle accessories available.  We consider three key indicators: ease of use, reliability and style.  When our founder entered the world of cycling, he would buy the cheapest accessory that was available to him.  After wear, he upgraded those items with more reliable, and stylish options.  With experience, he discovered leather saddles and their comfort, style, and heritage. He was challenged with the task of finding accessories that met the same criteria and were also unique.  After many seasons of frustration, he began to consider what it would take to build his own.  He began to think about the design and wanted to build something he would be proud to show off, something that possessed the same three criteria that he admired so much about the leather saddles he had discovered many years ago.  His vision was ease of use, reliability and style.  With that vision he created what you now have the opportunity to own yourself.

        If properly cared for, these items will be passed on as a family heirloom for many generations. Allowing your children’s children to enjoy biking and also quality accessories as much as you do.  Our founder often imagines what his saddle and accessories would have to say if they could speak. He then begins to imagine what they would tell his grandchildren about all the places they have been.

        Our bags begin with full grain leather.  They are cut by hand before being hand dyed.  The holes for hardware are then added before the items are hand stitched using a hand held sewing awl, one stitch at a time just like the good old days.  If it is not perfect, in every way, it is scrapped and started over.  At Max Speed Designs appearance is just as important as durability.  Finally, the finishing hardware is added along with an authenticity tag stating the item was hand made by Max Speed Designs.  We take pride in our work so that you can have pride in owning it.