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Leather Conditioner

SKU: Leather conditioner

2 ounce of leather conditioner with screw top lid

12" x 12" microfiber buffing cloth

Confidece in knowing you have conditioned your leather with the product trusted by our founder.  The same product used on the saddles and bags he carries, whether riding across a state, the country or just to the grocery store.  When you have a really great leather product, be it a saddle, baseball glove, a seat bag or anything else leather, you want to take great care of it.  If you have just purchased a new item and it is stiff, rigid and unprotected, this product is the one you want to treat it and break it in quickly.  Although nothing will make your leather completely waterproof, the oils and beeswax will fight Mother Nature's harsh evils so you can focus on enjoying your ride no matter the outdoor condition.